Different pigmentation

Different iris perception

Internal light


Without boundaries

Trapped inside vessels

Navigating construct


Corridors whisper

Boards speak

Doors close

Bars open

Ethanol seaps

Morality retreats

Culture reeks

Corridors whisper

Cobwebs trap

Wily attack

It was you wasn’t it

Months ago

Months before


I saw you

Your face imprinted

Cold to the core fear

And an anxiety never felt before

It was you

I know

It was you

There was nothing I could do

The news did not hit me

Like the force felt elsewhere

It was you


Bury you

Deep underground

Beneath the pretty layers where life forms.


Walk around

Feeling the vibrations underfoot.

Like a bird I wait

Waiting for the bait.


Why do I wish to feed on you

A slimy little worm



Unable to cling to anything but mud

Live in mud.


I feel your vibrations

They tempt me.


I walk on

And the tear that falls on your grave

A parting gift.


I will stay where the flowers bloom.






I can weave my web of deceit

though the lie I tell

only conspires to leave me


clinging onto the edge of the cliff

hanging too free

Too easy

without boundaries

So choice rears its head

Do I carry on


Do I remove the cloth


Eye to eye

with Truth

Breathe in the stench

Invite myself

to my life.


I could sit here

For eternity

You would not come

I could send up a plane

With a banner

You would not come

I could send a brass band

to your door

You would not come

I could lay naked

on your floor

You would not come

You do not see me

You do do see me

I am standing on the edge


It is beautiful

The sand between my toes

The sun cupping my face

I feel warm to the core


And then

A shiver

My fingertips feel cold

I touch my face to feel the reality


The ocean is vast and the horizon

Feels infinitely out of reach


However beautiful it appears


The coolness of the water lapping my feet now


Reminds me,

Reminds me.


I kneel,



Shed a heavy tear


Push the boat out to sea

Watch it float away



Disappearing to insignificance.


I stand.






inevitable connection

inevitable end

haunting influences

suffocate inhibitions

momentary flickers

quickly extinguished

retreating emotions

securing heart

stifling feelings

gagging truth

binding hands


passing of time

embers hold on

waiting for a gentle breeze



In all my certainty

I let you down

In all my bravado

I let you down

In my unconscious state

I let you down

In my squalor

I let you down

In my misplaced optimism

I let you down

In my skepticism

I let you down

In the decisions I make

I let you down

You can be sure

I let you down

On that

I will not let you down



Have put my feelings in a box
Lid on
Padlock locked
Key thrown out to sea
Protect my heart
Won’t let you
Keep hurting me

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