There is this constant need, desire, behaviour.. whatever it is and from wherever it originates, to control people, to judge people. You’re too fat, thin, sensitive, emotional, gay, female, male, black, white, funny, sad, boring, ….and the list is endless.

Endless list of words – labels, telling each other what’s wrong with the other. This is done on an individual level, to family, to groups in our communities, to country levels….

Those people are…..That country is…….

We draw invisible lines on a world that we believe we own, that belongs to us.

The earth doesn’t belong to us.

It’s our home. Our sanctuary. We live behind those invisible lines, and build walls, install checkpoints, to prevent, – to control another human from moving freely on their home.

We fear our own. We judge our own. We dehumanise our own.

It needs to stop!


We are one species born of the same blueprint. We bare physical differences, we use a range of symbols and languages to communicate, we are gifted beings who are capable of creating more so than any other species.

We are of the same makeup.

A beautiful jewel that shines from a billion facets.

Please wake up.

See – when you look into the eyes of another -, you are looking into yourself.


Stuck inbetween life and death.

How I cannot help you

catch your breath.

How time comes into sharp focus

How I attend intently to your face.

Your eyes.

How I battle to not have ‘those thoughts’….

I swallow them away.

I know you saw my upset

When I pretended the coffee tasted wrong –

When I reached for the newspaper –

to use those seconds to compose myself.

Those words unsaid can be the most powerful.

There will be a time to fall apart.


I stay with you.

I live in our special moments.

I love you.

I do not care

If the wounds I lay bare

Offend you

Make you feel



I hope they do.

Don’t show them your weakness

Don’t show them you cannot cope

You will never recover

Despite their reassurances





You will wear your strength

As perceived weakness

You will be fragile


Despite their outward vocalised lies

You will be treated


Because show of rawness

Is brave

Is strong

And in a world of fear

We simply

Do not tolerate anyone who may have cracked the code

To live with sensitivity strongly..

To use to inspire


We still default dictator.

Such a shame.


Just as powerful as


Plug in

And light up the world.

To feel.

Do you ever

After a beautiful day

Feel like throwing in the towel

Walking away.

Do you ever feel

You’d love to live in the beautiful world

Without the paycheck

The required status

The right dress

Right shoes.

Be free to live

To live

Rip up the rules.

Please sweet child

Take a deep breath.

Step back.




Trust your gut

Do not get stuck in the rut.

Be brave.


Trust your own voice



And reserve.

You are defined by what you do,

Not by what is expected of you.

Recycled thoughts



Theories and dreams.



Becoming irritated.

The spiral is flat.

More carousel.

Eat, sleep, repeat existence.

Breathing tight.

Lungs heavy.

Head light and messy.

Recycled words.

Recycled quotes going around and around and around.

What are words.

What are their purpose.






Recycled stories.

Recycled myths.

Recycled communication.

Same use.


What if I just want to shut off the world

I ain’t crazy

I ain’t lazy

I ain’t stupid.

I just.

Need a break.

A pause.

Why am I wrong.

I shouldn’t be wrong..

I just need a break.

Self care.

When someone says they are tired.


When someone looks distant,

Less themselves.


Even hyper or doing too much

Over compensating.

Guilt is destructive.

Give yourself.

Give others.

A break.

Slow life down.


When you can switch off, log off, take a break..

Do so.

Without guilt.

Without contractual obligations.

Most of the time we add these things unnecessarily because we are

Scared to lose

Scared to disappoint

Scared to look like a failure

Scared to not stack up

Scared to not be good enough

Scared that someone at work or in our life is there ready to criticise, stir the spoon, rock the boat.

Let them.

Stay true to you.

Be strong

Look after yourself

Be kind to you.

The right people will be around you. Truth will prevail if you are staying true to yourself.

Be prepared that you will be disappointed, that people will use your power to bolster their agenda’s. Be prepared you won’t always get the credit. And that’s ok.

Be patient. Your light will shine. You matter and your message and purpose will glow and make a difference in the world.

You matter.

We are all matter

We are all stars.


In the midst of the fog

You stand



I hesitant to your presence

Suspicious of your motives

You say you have none

Only to love me

How can a love feel so pure


In a world of manipulation

And desire.

How can a man love with such purity

How can this woman

Let go without doubt

An instinct of doubt

Or a learnt way to repel.

Sooner or later

With or without.

Notes penetrate deep

Every one making its own way

Dancing and swirling around

Dampened cells glow

In the flow of musicality.

Reinvigorated senses take over

Washing away what was decayed,

Renewing fragmented connections

To self.

Abundant energy absorbed

And outwardly expressed

Forming an invisible chain within the room

An enriching experience of authentic artistry

Humble, warm and nourishing.

Collective transcendence.

An epicentre of powerful positive forces



The goodbyes as I drove away into the blackness of night.

Felt more like hello.

I’m breaking down

I’m breaking down

Into pieces.

I’m breaking down

Into dust.

Feet don’t touch the ground

Feet don’t touch the ground

I’m floating.


Colliding with cosmic connections

Cascading down falls of broken souls.

I’m breaking down

I’m breaking down

Deep into the ocean.

My mask ripped away by the waves

Sinking into depths of nothingness

Swirling in currents of chaos.

I’m breaking down

I’m breaking down

And it feels peaceful.

I’m breaking down

I’m breaking down

Into dust.


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