Endless scene moves before my eyes

Changing landscape

Calm waters

Clouds weigh down invisible pressure

Trees stand firm despite change

Embraced through necessity

To move on

To let go.

A lesson we must all learn

To seek


We can exist to the fullest

With less


Less emphasis.

We can handle the pressure

With less.

We can keep moving with the scene

More freely

When we are lighter.

With less

We gain more.


I am not of a religion,
A political party,
A member of any group or “movement”.
Until humanity works together for the good of all Humans and living organisms
I do not wish to be affiliated to anything that offers division, judgement or works to impose its will onto others.
I choose being Human and working together with ALL regardless of what you affliate to.

We are ONE.

I wear my rose coloured glasses with


I have not fully loosened my grip

Thoughts cling on to you

Like dog hair on black trousers

The darkness conjures Fantasyland

Fake news

Spills into my mind

Played out scenarios

Exhausted into a warped reality

Laid out on the table

Hoping for a chance sale

Setting self up for fail

Ask the universe yet again

To deliver my order

Next day

I am primed to receive


Close the account for me

Before I run out of funds.

We glow at different brightness-es

Depending on our different differences.

We exist in the same domain

Even behind walls and restrictions.

We exist in the same domain.

We block, delete…and name and shame.

In the same domain.

One space

Our space.

The human race.

Space race to escape

The domain we share

As we destroy, strip it

Laid bare.

Mirror to how we fail

To share the same domain.

Where ever we escape to,

No enlightenment will be found.

When we cannot simply get on together with our feet on this domains ground.

Escape escape..

Fly off in your rockets…

Take the baggage and pollute and tear another world apart…

To heal…

Look closer inside.


Your beating heart.

Connect in the culture of disconnection.

Be brave.

Lay down your silicone,

Explore the valley of life,

And reconnect with flesh and bones.

With matter

With that which you can taste, see, touch, hear….

Speak with tongue,

Not finger tips,

Staring numb.

Escape escape if you must…

End result still same outcome –


I am infected by your presence

Although I cannot touch you

You have infected my mind.

I am in a state of brain fog

That keeps me from connecting with what is real and true.

I have lost all sense of time.

I just keep thinking of getting to you.

I drift and float away.

Check what time it is in your day.

The distance feels raw.

I sit.

And stare at the door.

Every engine that rumbles by…

Every car door that bangs…

Every foot step…

I am waiting.

I am aching.

For you.

For you.

My wrist watch captures every second like a drum.


The sound deafening in the silence.

As I stare at the door


Waiting for you.

For you.

For you.



She left you suddenly


She was taken

You were broken.

I reignited your hope

Scared you to the core

Unlocked a new door.

New feelings

New possibilities

New confidence.

And you took it all.

What of me?


Like a well thumbed magazine.

You never had any intention.

I was try before you buy.

Road tested,

Left empty at the side of the road.

Traded in.

At first I thought for a better model.

Now I realise..


She, maybe heads above in status,


Higher mileage,


Yes added extras,

Though lacking,

Essential under the bonnet


No bitterness.


You bolted

You settled with safe.

I hope you’re safe.

While you hide behind your desk

Behind the ‘very important work’

Behind the data

Behind the bureaucracy

We whisper

We share our own facts

Our own realities

That appear world’s away

From those you construct

Only serving to feed the fire

Of conspiracy and mistrust.


The fuel.

A holographic lie

Half saved on the hard drive.



Open blank document.



The life, the lie, the realisation,

The loss.

Afraid to trust yourself.



Rebirth will commence…

Press restart.


Below floor level

Clothes don’t fit

Feel shit

Diet market ‘cure’ (bullshit!) ..

But, money,cannot afford transferred

Week one

Nearly die

What price on life!


Seek the answers within

With those you love

Not those

Preying on your vulnerability

To make a fast buck

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